Sunday, 9 December 2018

How to insert image in c language in turboc IDE

Its been very interesting as well as difficult to work with graphics in c or c++ languages.
But it will be more interesting to work with image insertion in C or C++ language.

I have already created the post to insert image in c/c++ in codeblocks IDE but now its time to achieve this using Turbo C++ IDE.

 Befor writing code we have to take care of  these points.
  • Create a  bmp(16 color Bitmap) image file using paint or any other image editor. 
  • paste that file into bin folder of turbo c where this program will be saved.
  • After pasting we will continue to write the below code.

 #include <alloc.h>  
   #include <conio.h>  
   #include <graphics.h>  
   #include <stdio.h>  
   #include <stdlib.h>  
   struct BMP  
    char Type[2];      //File type. Set to "BM".  
    unsigned long Size;   //Size in BYTES of the file.  
    unsigned long Reserved;   //Reserved. Set to zero.  
    unsigned long OffSet;  //Offset to the data.  
    unsigned long headsize; //Size of rest of header. Set to 40.  
    unsigned long Width;   //Width of bitmap in pixels.  
    unsigned long Height;   // Height of bitmap in pixels.  
    unsigned int Planes;  //Number of Planes. Set to 1.  
    unsigned int BitsPerPixel;    //Number of Bits per pixels.  
    unsigned long Compression;  //Compression. Usually set to 0.  
    unsigned long SizeImage; //Size in bytes of the bitmap.  
    unsigned long XPixelsPreMeter;   //Horizontal pixels per meter.  
    unsigned long YPixelsPreMeter;   //Vertical pixels per meter.  
    unsigned long ColorsUsed;  //Number of colors used.  
    unsigned long ColorsImportant; //Number of "important" colors.  
   int ShowBMP(int x, int y, char* FileName)  
     int b,a;  
     struct BMP Obj;  
     unsigned char* Datas;  
     int in=0;  
     unsigned char c=0;  
     FILE * fp;  
     fp = fopen(image.bmp,"rb"); //give filename of image with extension.  
     printf("Error : Unable to open file ..");  
     fread(&Obj, sizeof(Obj), 1, fp);  
     if(Obj.BitsPerPixel!=4) // This isn't a 16 color bmp we can read;  
      printf("Error : File format not supported ..");  
     Datas=(unsigned char*) calloc(Obj.Width/2+1, sizeof(unsigned char));  
      fread(Datas, sizeof(unsigned char), Obj.Width/2, fp);  
        c = (Datas[in] | 0x00) >>4;  
        c = (Datas[in] | 0xF0) & 0x0F;  
     free (Datas);  
     return 1;  
   void main()  
   int color;  
   int gd , gm ;  
   gd = VGA ; gm = VGAHI;  
   ShowBMP(0,0,"j.bmp"); /* Enter File Name Here */  

Now Run the code and you will get your image as output.


  1. Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! interpretation


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